(james payne bedroom concert series)

richard wehrenberg jr & andrew alan gardner took over james payne's room in
columbus, ohio beginning in mid-january 2010 when james moved to chicago.
richard & andy resolved to record a video a day (albeit missing a few)
of themselves playing "music" or making "art."

here are the sessions, raw in their humility, tired and just waking up

*some friends have joined in making videos, as you may have noticed

***james payne bedroom concert series goes on hiatus indefinitely february 25th

***james payne bedroom concert series begins again, october 13th

***richard wehrenberg, jr.'s computer of 4+ years (finally) dies and jpbcs goes on hiatus indefinitely again, november 12th

***richard wehrenberg jr. buys a new computer and jpbcs resumes its recording, november 29th